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Myamba Tex

Born October 2017

Disco/Myamba Elle May

Tex is naturally a very wide working conservative dog but has the ability to come in and make things happen. Tex has done a lot of work for a dog of his age and is experienced in all aspects of contracting and station life. He works from an ATV, UTV, ute and sticks well to a two wheel motorbike. He has a friendly nature and is as happy working rams and cattle as he is chilling out when nothing is going on.

Tex will be for sale at the Casterton Dog Auction on the 9th June 2019.

The following dogs are a sample of the dogs we have sold in the past

Kippakoop Snippets

Born November 2013

By Kippakoop Jed (Waradgery Ninja x Beloka Bella II)

Out of Kippakoop Cape (Kippakoop Jed x Barrkel Grace)

A rare opportunity to purchase an experienced member of the Myamba team has become available. Snippets has played a major role in the Myamba team in the last couple years, both contracting and as a brood bitch. As part of our philosophy of only carrying a small number of dogs while maintaining a broad genetic base Snippets is now surplus to my requirements.

Snippets is a calm, strong, clean worker. Snippets has a nice easy to handle nature.  She shows great cover and poise. She’s experienced at all facets of station and contract life including working cattle, crutching traillers and even goats.

Snippets has proven herself as a quality breeder and some of her offspring are now mainstays in the Myamba team.

Snippets has immediate success on the trial ground winning a novice yard dogs trial at Swan Hill in 2015 from only a handful of starts.

Price: $5000 + GST                               Sold



By Disco see Sires
Out of Kippakoop Snippets (Kippakoop Jed x Kippakoop Cape) see Bitches

Myamba Elron is an 11 month old male kelpie. He is a big calm dog, great work ethic and terrific nature.

Elron will work from a motorbike or ute or from behind a horse. Elron has done a lot of work for a young dog, he’s ready to work from day 1 and will mould easily to his new environment.

Elron has been entered in the Casterton Working Dog Auction on Sunday the 12th of June 2016.

Myamba Elron



Born 1/07/2015

By Disco see Sires
Out of Kippakoop Snippets (Kippakoop Jed x Kippakoop Cape) see Bitches

Myamba Jelly is an 11 month old kelpie bitch. Jelly is typical of the early developing, classy dogs with great work ethic that Myamba Working Dogs produces.

Jelly will work from a motorbike or ute or from behind a horse. Jelly has done a lot of work for a young dog, she’s ready to work from day 1 and will mould easily to her new environment.

The footage of Jelly was taken at 10 months of age on real life sheep, not just doughy trainers that some breeders show young dogs on (then pass them off as fully trained).

Myamba Jelly

Myamba Jelly will enhance any livestock or kelpie breeding operation.

Sold to Canberra

Kippakoop Knuckles

Born: July 2013

Kippakoop Jed/ Barrkel Grace

Knuckles is a tough practical dog with a ton of experience under his belt. He’s experienced at all facets of farm and station life including cattle, trucks, crutching trailers, weaner education (see ‘Contracting‘ page) and dipping. He has a great temperament and a huge work ethic.

Knuckles will be auctioned at the Casterton Working Dog Auction on the 7th of June 2015.

RMA Working Dog Auction Futurity ($8000 prize money): Knuckles will be 23 months old in June, allowing him to compete in the futurity twice.

To date Knuckles has competed in three yard dog trials, making the finals on every occasion. I have had to voluntarily retire him each time so that he didn’t win (Due to the futurity eligibility rules stating that a dog can not have won a trial prior to being auctioned).

Sold to a lamb feedlot near Mildura.

Futura Vandal

Futura Vandal is a 9 month old Kelpie bitch by Sherwood Sledge out of Blackdog Dorothy.

She is started on cattle and can handle mobs of 300 sheep with ease. Comes off stock easily. Will develop very long cast.

Vaccinated and microchipped. Would suit any type of stockwork. WKC registered.

Sold to the USA

Motley’s Boof

Sold at Casterton Working dog Auction for $3750

Glencairn Jasper

Jasper is a 4 year male kelpie. Great Allrounder. Shows a ton of style on cattle but will stand up to any beast.

On sheep Jasper is Hi-octane and a powerhouse in the yards. Very experienced on crutching trailers. He has often single handedly kept sheep into a three stand trailer while I have been crutching.

He can shift the toughest of crossbred ewes. You’d have to go a long way to find a dog that can work the outside of the race as hard and yet show as much poise and patiences at the rear of the forcing pen when its required.

Jasper has played a major role in my contracting team for the last three years.

Sold to the USA


Gunna is a 5 month old pup bred by Myamba Working Dogs.


Spider is a 2 yr old Kelpie bitch.


Bridget is a 9 month old Border Collie bitch. She is now one of the star performers at a tourist farm.


Nelly is now working a stock crate in Western Australia.


Toby was also a very powerful sheep dog.